Sunday, November 9, 2014


Last October 31st first and second year students attended a Halloween session set up by a group of their fellow-students, members of the school's students' association. They were invited to visit a mental asylum and took part in some "horrific" games. We still ignore if our youngest pupils were so terrified that they will never again feel like undergoing such an experience... their mischievous schoolmates and the teachers Gema Gil, José Luis Pabón and Diana Bazo are to be blamed for that!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


   Yesterday a visit was paid to our school by Mr. Derek Erwin, an expert on CLIL and use of new technologies, who is going to be lecturing teachers at CEP Luisa Revuelta for three days starting today.
His visit was part of a tour of several primary and secondary CLIL schools in our city, in an effort to gain awareness of the kind of work being done in schools curently implementing the programme.
 After listening to a brief introduction  to our school's programme by its coordinator, Mr Erwin and his company were invited to observe some CLIL lessons being taught at the time (Maths, Physics and Music), where he was requested some collaboration, as can be seen in the photo.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Hello! My name is Lindsey Skelton and I am the new English language assistant this year at Fidiana. I am very excited to begin this new journey with all of you this year!  A little bit about myself; I am from the United States, California to be exact. Living in Southern California, I was always surrounded by Spanish so I´ve always had an interest in the language and culture. In college I decided to pursue my two biggest passions, Mathematics and Spanish. Also during college I spent one semester abroad in Seville studying. While there, I fell in love with the city and Spanish culture in general. One of my favorite parts of my experience was getting to enjoy a nice `café con leche´ in the evenings. As soon as I finished my studies in the U.S., I returned to Spain as a Language Assistant in 2013. Last year I worked at a secondary school in the town of Estepa in Seville. As I’ve only ever lived in Seville previously, I can´t wait to discover all of the charm that Cordoba has to offer. I am also excited to get to know the students of Fidiana and show them a little bit of what the world has to offer them.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Here we are, back to work. A new school year has just started. Students are filling the classrooms again, some ready to finish their secondary education when June arrives, some others just beginning their way in Fidiana... and their CLIL education.
On arriving back from the holidays, our pupils have found some changes in the staff, as two new teachers have joined the CLIL programme: Ms Mari Ángeles Crespo, a lady with a broad experience in the CLIL world, is the new Geography and History teacher; and Ms Diana Bazo, who returns to Fidiana after a three years' absence, is their Philosophy and Citizenship teacher. We welcome them and wish them  -as well as all Fidiana students and staff- all the best for this new academic year.

Monday, June 9, 2014


Having you has been such a nice experience, Elizabeth!
We will miss you, I'm sure. It's been 20 months of your presence in the school, always with a smile on your lips and ready to help everyone, students and teachers. We are glad to know that you have enjoyed your stay at Fidiana, and that your work here may have had some influence on your discovered vocation for teaching.
All the best for your future, and count on us whenever you need!
Much love from the team of CLIL Teachers and from your students!

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Last May 27th a brief ceremony took place at the school's main hall. The students whose photos had been voted by fellow-students and teachers as the best among the ones exhibited on the CLIL Day last February were given an award. They were given a diploma certifying their condition as prize winners and a quality copy of their picture, which they can keep as a memento of their successful participation in the event.
The CLIL Programme Coordinator thanked the School Principal for the school's colaboration in the Day's events; the team of CLIL teachers, for their hard work at making everything ready (with a special mention of our team member Ángela Raigón, who had the idea of organising a photographic exhibition this year, and of Lola Mahedero, our Art teacher, who, as usual, was the soul behind the exhibition's layout); Elizabeth, our language assistant, whose aid was a valuable help; and our Fidiana students, who received the idea with enthusiasm and offered their imaginative pictures, some of them taken with almost professional skill.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


As part of the cultural curriculum she is teaching Fidiana students,  this week Elizabeth has been showing 2ºESO pupils how to make the typical American cookies. The session resembled a TV cooking show, and all the participants were delighted learning how to make the dough ... they even tasted a baked cookie at the end of the period.

And I can tel you the final result tasted really nice!

Friday, March 21, 2014


A group of 2º Bachillerato students, directed by their Music teacher, Gema Gil,  have produced this lovely and inspiring lip dub. As it is one of the activities included in the 2014 CLIL Day, we would love you to watch it and enjoy these young boys and girls' message through music and dance.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I.E.S. Fidiana is going to celebrate its 4th C.L.I.L. Day on February 19th.
This year the motto of the activities to take place is "Voices from the inner self", as we are trying to highlight the importance of letting out the feelings, ambitions, fears, dreams we all carry inside us,
Our students were asked, some weeks ago, to take pictures of themselves with messages handwritten on their body. These photos are now going to be shown in a photographic exhibition on oour CLIL Day.All the students,  from 1st year to Bachillerato, will come round the exhibition hall in turn and will be able to watch and judge  the voiceless cries their school mates have tried to put across in their pictures.
In addition to that, all the pupils are going to watch three films (each for a diofferent level) in original version starred by characters who also communicate deep feelings and emotions: Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire, Ken Loach's Sweet Sixteen, and the much praised short film Validation.